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Schöne europäische Fanwertung

The origin and development of European fan is a long process.Long, long ago, presumably in the 4th century BC, the Greek people had begun to use the fan, they call it "rhipis".

In Christian Europe, fan's history can be traced back to the 4th century AD (another 6 century).Fan is the earliest "st fan" (flabellum), or called "etiquette" (ceremonial fan)."SAN fan" is a kind of metal, leather, silk, sheepskin or feather fan support, in the Catholic liturgical use, be used to kill insects, prevent the holy bread (st) and wine (holy blood).This "SAN fan etiquette has a long history, and even can be traced back to ancient Egypt.

"Apostolic constitution that occurs in the 4th century Canon (Apostolic Constitutions)," wrote (see VIII, 12) : "let two deacon is divided on both sides of the altar, hand made from thin films, peacock feathers or muslin fan, let them away quietly flying around small animals, that they could not close to SAN jue (Chalice)."

The later period of time, the fan seems to disappear in Europe.Until the 13 to 14 century, hand-held fan (Hand fan) were the crusaders from the Middle East to Europe.

In the 15th century, Europe has been holding a fan "show off" pioneer "fashion".

Early 16th century, Portuguese traders and missionaries brought back a batch of folding fan from China, with modern people are familiar with this batch of fan is like "appearance" in Europe, once listed, was popular in Europe, leading the fashion trend.They cater to the europeans love of Oriental culture and imagination, and popular.In the 17th century, imports from China and Japan fans are especially popular.Many European cities began to independent production of fans.

In western art, the fan is often and natural and graceful noble cultured female images together.In the era of the upper-class women the portrait, often can see the fan as the important accessories in the picture.Queen Elizabeth I, sometimes at the same time with a grandiose folding fan and old round fan two fans, often decorated with feathers and jewelry.When the lady's dress often hung round fan.Exotic fan, by contrast, are more likely to get the ladies.

Gradually, hanging on the skirt round fan's fall from grace ".Folding fan occupies the dominant position and become the best item in fashionable young mind, kink shape of No. 1.They are in the hands of folding fan has attractively processing sector, favour is usually the theme of the classical or religious works.In the next few centuries, folding fan almost became part of the women's clothing, is a component of ladies of all ages go out.

During the 17th century, Louis xiv of France, and system fan industry is extremely rich, and even set up the folding fan artisans guild alliances.Abolished the edict of nantes in France in 1685, introduced the persecution of the pagan "Fontainebleau edict" (dit DE Fontainebleau, also known as "abolish the edict of nantes").A lot of French people emigrated to the protestant countries around (such as Britain and Spain), there are a lot of fans artisans.As a result, these countries produce folding fan after there is obvious improvement in quality.

The 18th century, the fan art reached a considerable height, the whole of Europe folding fan is made of specialized craftsmen -- whether it is a fan page or fan rib.Fan fan painting and decoration by artists and a lot of famous artist also participated in the sector.At that time, the east India company also imported from China folding fan.

Gradually, the popular agitation of folding fan from palace to folk, the rarity of the royal aristocracy became emerging class and middle class women love with.They like to imports from China, with Oriental characteristics of folding fan.European fan manufacturer follow the "hot spot" of Chinese folding fan, heart longed for hand make track for to produce the fan, with "Chinese wind" grain imports from China a large number of exquisite workmanship fan rib, reprocessed into folding fan products for sale.Fan merchants from various angles to imitate "China wind", sector "Chinese painting", "Chinese characters", "Chinese grain" fan rib, are they study hard.

The end of the 18th century, neoclassical agitation swept across Europe, the adornment style of folding fan become low-key simple, edging and color are gradually simplified.

In the 19th century, Victorian Britain's economic prosperity, social stability and people's confidence and optimism.European fashion development led to the fan to change - decorative wind back.This period of folding fan style most richly and costly, feather, silk and gauze were chosen for material sector, and gilded, pearl inlay process can be seen in the adornment of the fan rib etc.

Although in modern times, westerners will seldom use in our daily life to the fan, however, in the design and stage performance of items or can find folding fan "trace" - for example, the international brand Louis vuitton has designed a folding fan.

Today, many European countries still kept the habit of using fan, based in Spain, especially prominent, fan the objects into people's lives in Spain, Spanish women have many unique "Spanish fan language", to express their feelings, likes and dislikes.Fan culture of the rise of Chinese culture has a unique charm in the world scope, constantly attracts more and more people love.